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Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting with Arizona Puggle Rescue. Please make sure you read through the application and complete all of the required fields. Email the completed form to and in the subject line type APPLICATION and the dog's name you are interested in. Once your adoption application has been received you will be contacted by our Adoption Coordinator. If your application passes this preliminary review you will then have a meeting with the foster and the puggle to insure it is a good fit. The happiness and well being of the puggle is our main priority. If we feel that it isn't a good match for the dog we will let you know and keep your application on file for another dog. We are looking for the best match possible, not the fastest adoption. We will also verify references, speak with your vet and conduct a home visit. 

*Please note that if you have pets that are not spayed/neutered you will need to provide us with a letter from your vet stating it is a medical recommendation. 

* If you rent you must provide a letter from your landlord stating you can have a puggle at the rental home.

Dexter - Sacramento, CA


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 Age: 8.5
Birthday: February 1, 2010
Adopted from a breeder at 8 weeks old.
Grew up with other dogs of all sizes and cats.
 Training: sit, lay down, stay, wait, dance (spins in a circle on his  back feet - he taught himself how to dance!), crate trained, house  broken.
Fully vaccinated, including influenza, licensed, microchipped, neutered.
Very healthy
Does not chew on clothing, furniture, etc.
Walks well on a leash, does better with a harness as he likes to pull. His snout is always to the ground!
Loves to get into the trash, find any food, and eat his own poop.

Dexter is handsome little dude filled with lots of personality! He was  adopted at 8 weeks old and immediately crate trained. He grew up with a  cat in the house and the two of them were best buds. He has been around  and gets along with dogs of all sizes. He does very well at the dog park  as well as being boarded. Dexter can be rather lazy. He sleeps on his  bed the majority of the time. He has his bursts of energy and plays with  toys or runs around (he loves to roll around and lay in the grass). He  will try and destroy any toy he can get his mouth on, but he loves  playing with fluffy toys. If the FedEx truck or the mailman shows up, he  will be sure to let you know. He will bark excessively when they  arrive! He also loves to sleep on the bed with you and will want lots of  snuggles when you wake up in the morning. Beware if you have him sleep  on the bed with you, sometimes if you move, Dex will growl. He will just  move to another spot or jump off the bed and lay back down. He loves to get under the covers and lay  along your side! He also LOVES to go for a ride! Roll down the window  and he will stick his head out for the whole ride. Dexter does not do  well with children. He does not like to have his feet or his tail  touched. He has no issue with his ears or snout being touched. Dexter is in CA but will be willing to travel for the perfect home. Contact us  for more info. 

Sophie - Gilbert, Arizona


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1/2 of a bonded pair, Sophie is 6 and is Sunny's little sister. Currently living in Gilbert, AZ.  She enjoys cuddle time and hiking with her brother.  She will do best in a home without children.  Sophie is house-trained, spayed and will be fully vetted prior to adoption. 

Sunny - Gilbert, Arizona


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 1/2 of a bonded pair, Sunny is 8 and is Sophie's older brother. Currently living in Gilbert, AZ.  He enjoys cuddle time and hiking with his sister.  He will do best in a home without children.  Sunny is house-trained, neutered and will be fully vetted prior to adoption.  

Otis - Phoenix, Arizona


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Otis is the sweetest and most handsome 10 year old puggle available for adoption. He is quiet, likes cuddles sometimes but really enjoys chewing on his fluffy toys. He is house-broken but is prone to an occasional pee accident.  Otis is currently on adoption hold as he has to have dental surgery ; deep cleaning and a few extractions. He will also be having a mass removed from his shoulder. After the mass is removed he should be able to get around better and not be a couch potato. Otis should be available for adoption around October 14. 

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