Foster Application


Arizona Puggle Rescue does not have a shelter. We house our rescues in private residences of volunteer fosters until we can place the dogs in permanent homes. We are always in the need of fosters and foster homes. We provide everything you need, food, crate (if needed), leash, collar, vet care, etc. All you need to provide is care and love. If you would like to help us save lives please complete the foster application below and return it to One of our Foster Specialists will get in touch with you. 

Questions About Fostering

Kingston making himself right at home in foster care.

I think i want to foster. What skills do I need?

Truly anyone who loves dogs, has compassion and patience can foster a dog. For the time you have the dog you will be asked to treat it as you would your own. Feeding it regularly, making sure he has fresh water, take him on walks, and offer him as many cuddles and as much love as you can. Puggles in rescue have been through so much and many have lost trust in humans. 


Fostering is a short term commitment.  Generally speaking you will care for a puggle for less than 30 days. There are cases however where a puggle is in our care for a longer period. These are due to medical issues which needed to be resolved first, social awkwardness, or location.  


We will need your help in learning about the dog so we can market her.  We will ask that you email or call us with a bio after you have spent sometime with the pup. Pictures and videos taken by you will be posted on our website and social media. If we attend an adoption event we will take the dog but you are not required to attend but we appreciate it if you do. 

Do I get Paid to foster a dog?

Unfortunately, Arizona Puggle Rescue cannot afford to financially compensate fosters for their work; however, we can provide food, medicine and veterinary care. Foster  parents who drive animals to vet appointments or who pay other expenses associated with the pet's care may be eligible for tax deductions.  We also have created a REWARD PROGRAM starting October 1, 2018. 


We love our fosters and want to let you know how much you are appreciated.  Each month that you foster you will receive a "thank you" gift from us. A little something not animal related so you can treat yourself to something special for all your hard work.  These items are donated by local businesses in order to help promote fostering. In addition, for each dog that you foster you will earn points.  After reaching 50 points you can exchange the points for a gift or continue to earn points for greater rewards.  (We will add a link to the reward program soon).

What if I want to adopt the dog?

This is what several folks refer to as " a foster fail". We don't look at it as failing, we see if as a double win! You have found a new best friend and the puggle, whom already loves you, has found a forever home.  You are more welcome to adopt your foster and we even offer a 20% off of adoption fees to our fosters.