Where Best Friends Are Found
Where Best Friends Are Found

  • Adoption Application and Fee Schedule

    Adoption Application

    Thank you for your interest in adopting with Arizona Puggle Rescue.  Please make sure you read through the application and complete all of the required fields.  Email the completed form to azpugglerescue@outlook.com and in the subject line type APPLICATION and the dog's name you are interested in.  Once your adoption application has been received you will be contacted by our Adoption Coordinator.  If your application passes this preliminary review you will then have a meeting with the foster and the puggle to insure it is a good fit. The happiness and wellbeing of the rescue is our main priority. If we feel that it isn't a good match for the dog we will let you know and keep your application on file for another dog. We are looking for the best match possible, not the fastest adoption.  We will also verify references, speak with your vet and conduct a home visit. 

    *Please note that if you have pets that are not spayed/neutered you will need to provide us with a letter from your vet stating it is a medical recommendation. 

    * If you rent you must provide a letter from your landlord stating you can have a puggle at the rental home.

    Adoption Fees & Add Ons

    Pay Your Adoption Fee

    By Check

    Checks should be made payable to Arizona Puggle Rescue.  We will charge a $30 fee on returned checks. 

    Checks can be exchanged in person or mailed to P.O. Box 91761 Tucson, Arizona 85752.


    We gladly accept payments via PayPal for your convenience.  Please note we will do require you to pay the PayPal charges us to use the service.  Please add $7 to your adoption fee amount. 

    Money Order / Cashier's Check

    Money Orders should be made payable to Arizona Puggle Rescue.